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Hey Guys, Great News, We just got the opportunity to Expand our College Bound Success Program to Deland/Orange City & Daytona Beach. Thank you for your Support. Keep up the Great Work and Spread the News about our Upcoming Fundraiser: Got Talent? that Helps to keep our programs free

2017 Volusia Flagler Got Talent!

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KC Society Teen Life

I AM A TEEN. I have a messy room. I spend most of my time online. I have private things on my phone. I go to bed late & yes, I know lots of things.

KC Society Teen Life

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Teens are our Top Priority

KC Society focuses on the future of our teens and their specific talents and innate abilities. Create dynamic and hands-on programs that stimulate the minds of our teens and keep them productive. Put their hands to work in the community to allow them to be mindful of the world around them. Stimulate their ideas and keep them fueled with energy for the next big thing. We at KC Society fully understands...

If it Matters to them. It Matters to Us!

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Join us in the opportunity of a lifetime to make necessary changes in our current teens and future adult generations. We are innovative and creative enough to make the difference in the lives of those we meet. Be a part of something bigger than the usual.

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College Bound Success

10 Week Hands-on Program

Designed to give every participant the chance to get to college, seek and receive scholarship funding, get accepted into college and be successful the first year. Equipped with a professional college graduate mentor from Senior year to their very first frightening FRESHMAN year.

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It is an hands-on mind exploration summer program that takes your kids to places unknown. Designed for students 1st grade through 6th grade giving them the experience of a life time. From projects to trips to nature exploration to science discovery to drone understanding... Full of life and wonder!

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Youth Employment & Leadership Initiative

Get Paid to Learn and Explore your Future Career

The Youth Employment and Leadership Initiative is a dual program for teens ages 15-19 who have never entered the workplace. YELI provides the hands-on experience needed to place on future job applications. Each participant is given the opportunity to meet with local leaders and develop develop employment skills, financial literacy, and leadership mindset that promotes community involvement.

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"KC Society Makes the Most Out of Every Hand It Comes Across"

We have created teen programs and teen services that empowers our teens to take action with with their career, small business, school goals, friendships, and themselves. If it matters to them, it matters to us!