College Bound Success

Making a Dream... Your Reality

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What Exactly is College Bound Success?

10 week intensive hands-on workshops that gives technical pin point answers to getting into college. There is no fluff. All participants are given specific streamlined instructions on 'how-to' apply, no guessing games on what to say. Access to scholarships and the correct ones to apply for, college tour, and 6 week extended mentorship from a college graduate, and Freshman year follow-up.

Top 3 Reasons to Reserve your spot

Tried and Proven 10 week Intensive workshops that gets the results the participants wants without being confused or worried about the next step or process. Our process streamlines it for you.

Hands-on assistance is what we believe make the best college APPLICATION

Staying focus and being ready is what makes the best APPLICANT

College Bound Success in a Nutshell

During the 10 intensive weeks each participant is given hands-on technical help.  They are then paired with a professional mentor for 6 more weeks to help them stay on track academically and complete a checklist of requirements needed to apply and get accepted into college.  Each participant is given personal specific detail instructions that are designed to fit their future plans and goals. Hands-on training and learning is what we believe make the best college application.

  • Worry Free FAFSA application

  • College Process Streamlined

  • One-on-One hands-on Assistance

  • College Tours

  • Future Career Navigation

  • Community Based Professional Mentors

  • Scholarships Applied for

  • Access to thousands in Scholarships

  • Follow-up Mentor to 1st year in College

  • Strategies to get into College of Choice

  • College References

  • Make Sense of the Whole Process

Yeah, We KNOW!

Keep Calm & Work with Us!

College Bound Provides

  • 10 week intensive workshops
  • Access to over 100,000 in Scholarships
  • Professional Mentor for extended 6 weeks
  • Technical Assistance for College Application
  • Common Application Streamline
  • FAFSA headache free completion
  • College Tour
  • 1 year College Freshman Follow-up

Eligibility Requirements

  • Junior or Senior in High School
  • Overall GPA 2.3
  • Committment Contract
  • Updated Transcript
  • Permission Forms
  • Fully committed to your Future

You don't have to be perfect, just fully committed!

College Bound Success Begins...



  • Monday, September 18th
  • 08/01/2017 Open Applications
  • 09/08/2017 Applications closed
  • 09/24/2017 College Bounds Begins
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College Bound Cost


We offer scholarships on a first come, first serve basis. It is long process that will ensure success into a college if the participant is fully committed. We ask for a $25 non-refundable application fee to help cover some expenses.

25 spots are available per College Bound Success course. Sign up Today! Classes fill quickly.

15 scholarships are awarded for participants who are financially indigent. We believe everyone should have a chance at their future. Money should never be a hindrance.

College Bound Success also Offers

SAT Prep & ACT Prep Classes

Learn the latest tips and tricks to create the results you need for your college application.

Not everyone can just crack open a book and score perfect...

We give you the 'how-to' so you can finish right.


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SAT Prep Sessions
  • Includes SAT Prep book
  • Tips & Tricks to get those extra points
  • Most Common 'not taught' Errors
  • English Grammar Made Easy
  • Easy and not complicated to understand
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One of the most comprehensive SAT course that takes all the guessing work out of the test. It is not based on how much you know, it is based on how well you assess.

ACT Prep Sessions
  • Get a higher Score
  • Specific History and Science tips
  • Shave time off the test
  • Learn how to focus on what is most important
  • English test tricks
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Shave that time. Increase those points. Take the ACT instead of the FSA and pass it the first time. Get the score you need for Bright Futures to get 100% of the money.