Pick Me! Pick Me! I Want to Help

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Use your Talents to Change a Generation

Take your talents, skills, and abilities and put them to good use where they would be appreciated. We encourage talented people who want to make a difference. Get involved. Make that decision to change a teens life.

Make Your Presence Known

Be Behind the Scenes

Help us to orchestrate the best events behind the scenes. You do not have to work directly with the teens. We need people to work with us on huge events that does not require working directly with the teens

Front of the Camera

Be in the front help teens, changing the generation you want to see, challenging them to be more than you can see. We want people like you that want to make a change in the lives of our teens. Come on board and make the difference our teens need in their world.

There is Always Room for your Talents

Choose an area and use your expertise to make the difference in the life of a teen

Event Coordinators




Press Releases

Food Coordinator


Teen Helper

Membership Drive

Lead the Drives

"KC Society Makes the Most Out of Every Hand That Helps"

yes let me in