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Its More than a Camp... Its a New Approach to Summer Fun!

KC Society's S.T.E.A.M. initiative is designed to keep the most bored kid focused and engaged about learning

WE DO NOT BABYSIT...     We Inspire!

IMAGINE summer initiative is a 9 week summer fun-filled program that engages both the mind and body together to create a critical thinker.  Making them focus on the tasks by using logic and nothing else. No electronics are allowed only their minds and community. We found it keeps the kids engaged and happy with crafts, foursquare, building robots, singing songs, 'recess', making sandcastles, kickball, making friends, laughing, and most importantly, they are so tired when its time to go... they have a great night sleep and never miss a day!

Two inspiring  and innovative fun filled ideas running simultaneously... find out why we did it!

Principles to Live By

The morning hours cover more mental critical thinking with hands-on crafts and story time that teaches life’s principles. Waking the kids up mentally and allowing them to engage their minds and bodies to critically solve some life situations at age appropriate levels. Sing songs, meets as a friendly society, and enjoy each others company through friendship

S.T.E.A.M. Mindset

During the afternoon hours kids challenged both physically and mentally to incorporate the skills taught. Kids get to choose from 6 different imagine mini programs that foster who they were born to be through natural talents: from dance to sports to math... They change every two weeks to help broaden their mindsets. More fun with hands-on science math technology projects, art creations from Picasso minds to dancing stars to athletic abilities through sports.

S.T.E.A.M. stands for ...


IMAGINE what we get your kids into...

This is just the beginning of what we do... keep reading... our summer initiative was created with your child in mind

  • Hands-on Projects

  • Ripleys Believe it or Not

  • Hands-on Learning

  • Museums

  • Scavenger Hunts

  • Picasso Crazy

  • Busch Gardens

  • Riding Elephants

  • Feeding Giraffes

  • Dancing Wildly

  • Build a Robot

  • Photo Bombing in Style

  • Fun Assistants who Love Kids

  • Arts & Crafts Daily

  • Fun Sing A-longs

  • Unlock their mind to know learning is fun

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IMAGINE the different mini programs your kids get to pick...

Mini programs are specifically designed to encourage learning new skills, developing the skills you have, while having fun with the people you meet.  Keeping the kids actively engaged throughout the afternoon with instructional healthy fun is how we keep our Mini programs exciting and engaging. Each program offers its own unique flavor.

IMAGINE what you have to look forward to...

These are fully included in price of the camp. We offer more because the day is long and kids are restless. We offer more because we imagined a camp like this and how much fun it would be and it was. We offer more because we want out kids mind to be expanded and not be on social media all day. Expanding the mind is what we do.

  • Weekly Trips

  • Quick Sign-in

  • Free Registration

  • Simple Payments

  • Lunch Provided

  • No Bully Zone Hands-on Tactics

  • Early Dropoffs

  • Credit/Debit Accepted

  • Fun Learning Environment

  • Life Principles

  • CPR & First Aid certified

  • Late Pick Ups Available

  • Sponsorships

  • No Idle Hands

  • Social Media Free... Thinking kids

  • Certified Teacher Present

  • Jacksonville Zoo

  • Ripleys Believe or Not

  • Sports Day

  • No Bully Tactics

  • Amusement Park

  • Fun Sing A-long Camps

  • End-of-Summer Ceremony

  • FBI Lvl 2 Fingerprinted Assistants

Check out what some of our campers wrote about us!

KC Society's S.T.E.A.M. initiative is designed to keep the most bored kid focused and engaged about learning

"It is waaaaay better than a camp... I had so much fun. Im coming back again. My favorite time was making my own make-up. I didn't even know we needed math for that"

Jessica, 9yrs old

I thought it was going to be boring because they were talking about doing all that math stuff in the beginning. But it was actually fun. I got to be a captain of my own team.

Jason, 10 yrs old

My favorite part was singing the songs and going on the trips. The crafts were cool too... I liked Ms. Jazzmen the best she was so friendly and taught us how to make our own hemp bracelets

Jazmine, 11yrs old

This was my first time at camp and I made so many new friends... i'm really sad that I am moving because I won't be able to come back next year. I will really miss Mrs. Kerry.

-didn't write name down-, 3rd grade class

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  • 3/15/2017 Discount Registration Begins
  • 4/15/2017 Discount Registration Ends
  • 05/28/2017 Regular Registration Ends

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