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Teen Think Tank

Comprise of only 12 of the brightest and creative teen minds that wants to take on the challenge of creating positive events for their peers. Run the organization from the inside out and do things that will change you forever. The teen tank is a Council of teens whose chief responsibility is defining relevant teen issues and immediately addressing those issues. Create relevant teen activities and become an active community member regarding issues concerning you and your community.



  • Tuesday, September 19th
  • 08/10/17 Open Applications
  • 09/09/2017 Close Registration
  • 09/19/17 First Meeting
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  • Create and Plan fun teen field trips
  • Field Trips to Busch Gardens, Orlando, Six Flags, Skiing
  • Get involved in 'Supply the Homeless Teen' Project
  • Food for Fuel Teen Pantry
  • Change the community your in with every thing you THINK
  • Get experience to help change the world
  • Every participants ideas are heard and honored

Teen Think Tank Begins in...

Youth Employment & Leadership Initiative

Y.E.L.I. is designed to give you the work experience and leadership qualities you need to be productive and make great money in the future. Future employers love to see you can follow directions and make decisions on your own. Join the initiative and learn how to be better than you are. Weekly field trips, Stipend (free money), rub elbows with the business and political leaders in your community. Learn how to save and invest the money to make real difference.



  • Monday, May 14th
  • 04/01/2018 Open Applications
  • 04/22/2018 Close Applications
  • 05/08/18 Decisions Sent out
  • Earn up to $715 for the Summer
  • Over 80 Volunteer hours for Bright Futures
  • Guaranteed College Reference
  • Community Uplifting Projects
  • Rub elbows with Community Political and Business Leaders
  • Work Experience for future employments
  • Build Financial Literacy

Youth Employment & Leadership Initiative Begins in...

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College Bound Success

10 week intensive program that gives you all the tools you need to get to college and be successful there. This not a lot of talking. No wasting time trying to figure out what you should be doing. When you begin, we start right away getting those applications in and ready for early decisions. We get you full access to 100,000 of scholarships and give you the right words on getting accepted. You are taken on a college tour to get you ready forĀ  the year ahead. See what college life is like and be ready to move forward. Get 1 full year of assistance with 2 care packages your freshman year. Scholarships Available.



  • Monday, May 15th
  • 08/14/2017 Open Applications
  • 09/18/2017 College Bound Begins
  • 11/20/17 College Bound ends
  • Hands on College applications
  • College Tours
  • Access to over 100k scholarships
  • 1 year mentor to ensure your success
  • 2 care packages your freshman year
  • Gauranteed Reference Letter for College

College Bound Success Begins in...

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Teenpreneur Success

Enter the world of teen entreprenuerdom. Build that business you always dreamed about or just make money on the side. No holds barred. Learn all the skills you need from seasoned veterans that knows what to do and how to do it. You are never too young to make a difference in the pockets you have. Create money out of thin air... You have the idea... We have the knowledge to make it happen



  • Wednesday, Sept. 20th
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  • 2 Get Your Ideas Ready
  • 3 Join in Time for Christmas Selling Season
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  • Create money out of thin air
  • Get your products in front of others
  • Learn how to build your brand and sell it
  • Your never too young to make money
  • Create sustainable income or just have fun
  • Join the Teen Flea Market and make a living

Teenpreneur World beginsĀ  in...

KC Society has had a major impact in my life. I feel that I am becoming a much better person everyday. The things that I have learned and experiended have opend my eyes to know that this is one extraordinary world; all I have to do is live my live to the fullest and enjoy it.

Neva K. Neva K.