Youth Employment & Leadership Initiative

Teaching our Youth to Brand their Career Future

A Summer Stipend Program that gives a teen the opportunity to acquire real-life work experience, accumulate volunteer hours, meet local community leaders, and earn a stipend while increasing their knowledge of the work force and proper work ethic.

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  • Inappropriately dressed for interview

  • Lack of self-confidence

  • Little evidence of leadership potential

  • Inadequate basic skills

  • Insufficient employability skills

  • Poor attitudes

  • Lack of Communication skills

  • Inappropriate social skills

  • Useless Knowledge of Technology

  • Unrealistic view of job expectations

Get the skills and development you need to be hired here at the YELI Teen Stipend Summer Program

Take Action Towards your Future



Begin to Brand your Life!


Earn up-to $715



Putting forth their best effort will give any teen the opportunity to earn $715 this summer. Gain Work Experience. Get Volunteer hours. Learn proper work etiquette. Meet Local Business Leaders.





Benefits of YELI

  • Rewarding Experience

  • Financial Literacy

  • Branding of Yourself

  • Hands-On Training

  • Mentoring

  • Character Building

  • Community Hours

  • Empowerment

  • Meet Community Leaders

  • Leadership Skills

  • Summer Stipend

  • Become a Leader

Follow the procedures. Learn the skills it takes to be a top employee. Brand your future career work ethic. Learn how to be communicate effectively...all while given the opportunity to earn money

4 Pillars of YELI

  • Job Skills Development

      • YELI provides soft and hard job skill training to prepare each of the participant with the opportunity to be better prepared for the work world. Opening doors to be interviewed and get hired.
  • Financial Literacy

    • Empowering each participant with tools and support to learn better money habits and become financially capable resulting in greater chances of financial success
  • Self-Esteem and Self-Awareness  

    Building the self-awareness each participant would need to encourage strong mental growth within themselves. Equipping them with the mindset they need to win and grow.

  • Character Development & Leadership Skills

    •  Teaching leadership skills for each participant  to harness their leadership strengths to effectively motivate and communicate with others within the workforce.

Positions Available at YELI


YELI participants collaborates with the IMAGINE Summer Program. They use their gifts, talents, and skills to change the life of someone other than themselves all while building skills and character traits of their own.

The positions available are for those with no experience but a willingness to help and change themselves.

  • Social Media Keeper

    Are you familiar with Social Media? Do you love to go online and be known without being messy? Then this position is for you. We are looking for teens who have the ability to make a presence on Social Media.

  • IMAGINE Keeper

    Do you like when things are neat and organized? Do you enjoy when things are put in their place and STAYS there? This position requires someone who understands being organized and loves to be organized.

  • Junior Assistant IMAGINE Director

    This position is awarded to after 2 weeks for the participant that shows leadership qualities and is able to adhere to the rules and policies with enthusiasm. This position carrys more responsibilities and more Stipend, as well.

  • Junior Assistant Community Leader

    This position is awarded to after 2 weeks for the participant that shows leadership qualities and is able to adhere to the rules and policies with enthusiasm. This position carrys more responsibilities and more Stipend, as well.

  • Junior Counselor

    This position is the one that is most needed. Keeps YELI running and in motion. They are like the lifeline of the YELI program. Everyone begins as a Junior Counselor

  • Junior STEAM Counselor

    This is where you get to use your talents and your skills to the best of your ability. Are you good at dancing, drawing, singing, sports and love to see it in others. Then this position is for you.

Each year YELI seeks the brightest and most creative applicants to make the IMAGINE Summer Program exciting and unforgettable. Many positions are available but only those who are willing would be selected to participate. No Experience Necessary. Only heart.

Because this program is for serious individuals who want to be employable in the future, What we expect from you is your best effort towards greatness...AND REMEMBER

We laugh a lot

We learn a lot We build who we are

We change our mind about our current and future outlook

Get real hands-on experience of the work world by working with the IMAGINE Summer program to make a difference.

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